New REC Board Members

As of December 1, 2022 the Board of the REC has new members, who look forward to building on the successes of the past leadership and expanding the membership of the Republican Party in Charlotte County as part of the “red wave” which our state has been undergoing.

Larry Benjamin


A Charlotte County resident since 2012 and a Republican since 2001, Larry looks to increase community outreach and two way communication, so that the REC can hear the voices of the voters about their concerns and at the same time showcase how Republican values can benefit all Americans.

Jim Bucha

Vice Chairman

Jim fled California (his words) in 2015 to find freedom in Charlotte County, and has been a Republican since he could first register to vote (he claims President Reagan’s second term, but nobody is that old).  He has been active in the Charlotte County Republican Club and a member of the REC for two years, and has organized more outreach to Port Charlotte Republicans and started the “Freedom Thursdays” in spring 2022.

Carla Smith


Carla is originally from TN but traveled to Florida for several years before making the move permanent in 2020.  She has been a Republican since “Wild Willy” Clinton’s second term (+/-2005).  Carla has been an REC member since 2021 and played a key role on the Audit Committee before being asked to step up to Treasurer on the new Board.  Her non-financial goal for the REC is outreach; educating voters on the importance of local elections and initiatives and why straddling the fence as an NPA is increasingly uncomfortable in the age of Joe Biden’s handlers.

Kathleen Davis


Kathleen has lived in Punta Gorda for 12 years, relocating from Miami when she retired.  She has been a Republican since gaining US citizenship in 1996 and an REC member for about a year.  As Secretary  Kathleen is playing a key role in the Board’s communications with the REC membership and has as a primary goal helping to increase REC membership in the districts with no committee people.

This is a solid team with strong goals focused on growth and improved communication of the Republican story based on love of family, community and country.  They will need our help, and we hope everyone will pitch in to save the America we all love.