Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee Rally Against Trump Indictment

News Release

Republican Executive Committee of Charlotte County


Rally Against Weaponization 

of U.S.  Legal System Against Political Opposition


Responding to the indictment of ex-President Donald J. Trump the Republican Executive Committee (REC) in Charlotte County Florida is coordinating a county-wide effort to publicize dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in this country where our Justice Department and local law enforcement in blue localities selectively target political opponents and their supporters.  Such a partisan, two-tiered system presents an existential threat to our nation.  The historically unprecedented government action against an ex-President and a declared candidate for the 2024 election demonstrates that there is no limit to the depths of legal depravity that Democrats will not pursue to achieve the aim of silencing the opposition.

The REC is coordinating among like-minded groups within the county to hold rallies on Saturday, April 1st in Punta Gorda and Englewood locations. REC Vice Chairman Jim Bucha provided details and instructions for the events:

The two locations will be:

“Punta Gorda (10:00 AM to noon) – Southbound 41 at Retta Esplanade. Park in the Hotel/Hurricane Charlie’s parking lot. Jim Bucha and Leonardo Trent are heading up this effort.

Note that in Punta Gorda, flags/signs must be held and not put on the ground.

Englewood (10:00 AM to noon) – Publix at the intersection of 776 and Placida/Pine. Park in the Publix parking lot. Carla Smith and Jeanne Johnsen are heading up this effort.

Bring signs or flags or both. Homemade is welcome. Some ideas (in addition to Trump flags/signs) might be: Banana Republic, stop the tyranny; stand for freedom; liberty; end the corruption; or whatever thoughts you may have about the weaponized legal system so long as it’s peaceful and without profanity or vulgarity.

First and foremost, we must be 100% PEACEFUL. If taunted, DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT. Remain calm and civil AT ALL TIMES. No matter what. They’d love any excuse to paint us as the villains, but we’re better than that. If there are any issues, immediately notify one of the designated leaders for your location…”

Mr. Bucha noted that the rallies should be supported by freedom lovers regardless of whether or not they support Mr. Trump.  The issue here goes beyond political loyalties or preferences; the issue is the rapid movement of our political system to autocratic tyranny.  Members of the REC, local Republican clubs, Young Republicans and others will be in attendance.