Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee

The Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee (CCREC) is a legal name for the Charlotte County Republican Party. We are a county body that represents the Republican Party of Florida. The Republican Executive Committee consists of the Board of Officers, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman, Precinct Committeemen and Precinct Committeewomen.

We the REC members work our precincts to engage with their constituents and bring voters to the Republican Party. We work to support Republican candidates, and get their messages out to the voters. We listen to the concerns of voters and help bring those concerns to the candidates and the Republican Party of Florida.

Republican Executive Committee (REC) meets once a month.  The agenda reflects the business of the REC, discussing how we can best support the Republican Party through activities and fundraisers, sharing new ideas, promoting educational and community outreach opportunities, voting on new members and asking questions.

Those who wish to join the REC as a Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman must complete an application, participate in a short interview and attend one meeting before being voted upon at a regular REC meeting.  

What is a Precinct Committee Person in Florida

In Florida, a precinct committee person is a member of a political party in their precinct who represents voters in their precinct at the county level. They are responsible for organizing and promoting the party from within their precinct, recruiting, educating their constituents and supporting candidates for office, and participating in party meetings and events. They also serve as a liaison between the party and the voters in their precinct, helping to communicate the party’s message and gather input from the community.

A precinct committee person is a volunteer who is the foundation of the political party system in Florida. They work to build relationships with local leaders and organizations in order to promote the party’s agenda and build support for its candidates.

Precinct committee people are an important part of the political process in Florida and play a vital role in building and maintaining strong political parties. They are the grassroots organizers and serving as the link between the party and the community.




Vice Chairman



Carla Smith


Mark Cousino

State Committeeman

Deborah McMullen

State Committeewoman

Roles of a GOP Executive Committee

Some specific roles and responsibilities of a GOP executive committee person may include:

  • Recruiting and supporting candidates for office
  • Organizing and promoting party events and activities
  • Promoting the party’s message
  • Overseeing the county’s election process (poll watchers and workers)
  • Assisting Grassroots campaigns

The REC also has committees that are assigned to address specific tasks, such as finance, outreach, campaign and so on. These committees are usually headed by a member of the executive committee and are composed of members who have a specific skill set or experience that is relevant to the committee’s responsibility.

Overall, the GOP executive committee plays a critical role in the success of the Republican Party by providing leadership, direction, and resources to the party’s members and candidates. They work to promote the party’s message, develop support for its candidates and ensure that the party is well organized and effective in reaching its goals.