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to the Charlotte County Republican Executive  Committee (CCREC), official representative of  the Republican Party in Charlotte county.
Our voters live in sixty-seven Precincts, and the members of CCREC are the Precinct Committeemen and women who are elected every four years by Charlotte County Republican registered citizens.
If you wish to assist in promoting the Republican Party Platform and get involved in the politics of this county, please contact us.
We always require enthusiastic members, as well as dedicated volunteers,  to help us at our Republican Headquarters in Port Charlotte in election years, and generally to spread the GOP message.
Don McCormick, ​​CCREC Chair



Charlotte County WINS

CCREC is presented with their winning check for achieving the second place
in Florida for numbers of Absentee Ballots returned in the November 2018 election 
in a medium-sized County. 
Jan 12, 2019, Orlando.

From left:  Blaise Ingoglia, Chair of the RPoF;   Deborah McMullen, Charlotte County State Statecommitteewoman
Bob Starr, Charlotte County Statecommitteeman and Don McCormick, Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee Chair 

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